Community Voices

Raden Salah painting, Diponegoro

In this section we check in with prominent members of the Muslim community in the New York area, many of whom played critical roles in the development of Muslim Voices: Arts & Ideas through expert guidance as members of the festival's advisory committees.

In the clips that follow, these individuals explain the impact this festival has had in helping to bolster greater community, understanding and respect both in New York and around the world, while also commenting on the significance this festival has held for each personally.

As the leaders of a variety of community groups, organizations and foundations, as well as through their professional engagement and personal commitments, these individuals represent an important cross-section of the Muslim community. We are proud to share their voices with you.

Aisha Al Adawiya

MJ Akbar

Rachel Cooper

Mahnaz Fancy

Anisa Medhi

Sayyeda Mirza-Jafri

Mohd Anis Md Nor

Asad ur Rahman

Zeyba Rahman

Amira Zahid