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BAM Harvey Theater
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Music | Pakistan, US

Qawwali Gospel Creation

Saturday, Jun 13th 8:00pm

$20, 30, 35

With its pulsing drums and harmoniums, ecstatic incantations with euphoric choral refrains, nothing induces a state of spiritual intoxication quite like Qawwali, a 700-year-old tradition of hypnotic Sufi praise music.

Qawwali Gospel Creation united one of the genre’s revered torchbearers, Pakistani singer Faiz Ali Faiz and his ensemble, with African American gospel music—a tradition equally steeped in cathartic song—for a joint evening with renowned pianist/singer Craig Adams and the Voices of New Orleans, raising the spirit in ecstasy.

Support for Qawwali Gospel Creation is provided by the Asian Cultural Council.

Qawwali has traveled the globe for centuries in the mouths, ears, hearts, minds, and, more recently, the digital players and MP3 files of the South Asian diaspora. It is a musical form associated with the sama’, spiritual concert, of the Chishti Sufi Order.

Listen in on Faiz Ali Faiz and his Ensemble performing Dam Mast Qalandar:

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And read on to learn more about the qawwali musical tradition.

Craig Adams and the Voices of New Orleans Since childhood, Craig Adams has been a central figure in the black churches of New Orleans and the American gospel tradition more broadly. In the footsteps of his relative Fats Domino, Adams is today considered one of the most talented pianists and organists in Louisiana who is also an established musical director and choir master.

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Faiz Ali Faiz and His Ensemble

Faiz Ali Faiz is one of the world's leading qawwali singers. He performed at BAM as part of the festival Muslim Voices: Arts & Ideas.