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Muslim Voices at BAMcafé

Saturday, Jun 13th 9:30pm

Free admission

Composer/producer Adam Matta is a beatboxing tour de force, melding hip-hop, electronic, jazz, and traditional Middle Eastern music for a unique and driving sound.

Together with his friends Dr. Fawzia Afzal-Khan (spoken word/voice), Nihan Devecioglu (voice), Noah Hoffeld (cello), Remi Kanazi (spoken word), Eyal Maoz (guitar), and Kenny Muhammad The Human Orchestra (beatbox), Matta performed in the second night of Muslim Voices at BAMcafe, as part of the festival Muslim Voices: Arts & Ideas.

Adam Matta is a beatboxer and vocal performance artist from New York City. His style fuses elements of hip-hop, rock electronic, jazz, contemporary and Middle Eastern influences.

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Body and Soul

Beatboxing tries every limitation- artistic and physical- of the performer. Read on to learn more about the artists of Muslim Voices at BAMcafe, and check out exclusive footage of Matta and Muhammad sharing their skills.

The Bosses of Beatbox

Adam Matta and Kenny Muhammad The Human Orchestra are two of the world's leading human percussionists, known as beatboxers. Read more about their work, and their inspirations, while listening to samples in this exclusive primer.