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Parissa was born in 1950 in Iran. She began her musical studies under the supervision of the renowned Persian radif (classical repertoire) teachers, Mahmoud Karimi.

Early on in her studies, Parissa was invited by the Ministry of Culture to work for Iran’s National Radio and Television Broadcasting network. Her unique style and solid discipline secured her special recognition among Iranian musicians and academics during her five year collaboration with the Ministry of Culture.

Parissa's musical talent truly bloomed when she was introduced to the Iranian Center for Preservation and Dissemination of Music. Her recordings from this period show a tremendous depth and growth in her musical understanding. After the Iranian revolution, this conservatory was abolished and she continued her education in private lessons.

In recent years, Parissa has been successfully concentrating on teaching and guiding young talents in Iran. Since 1995, her international profile has expanded with performances and cross-cultural collaborations at festivals and concerts around the world. Parissa currently lives in Tehran, Iran.

Listen in on a sample of Parissa's track Man Gholame Ghamaram from her 2008 album, Simplicity

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And read on to learn more about classical Persian music and the Rumi poetry Parissa sings.


Renowned classical Iranian vocalist Parissa sang the words of poet Rumi on June 11 & 12, 2009 at the Asia Society.