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Faiz Ali Faiz and His Ensemble

Faiz Ali Faiz is a world renowned master of qawwali music, a distinctly Pakistani Sufi praise song form. During qawwali performances, listeners and artists alike can be transported to a state of spiritual ecstasy associated with Sufism. Born in 1962 to a Pakistani family of long-standing musical heritage, Faiz Ali Faiz received training in both Hindustani classical music and Sufi devotional music.

Faiz Ali Faiz began his professional career in 1978, playing in the doaba style of eastern Pakistan.He went on to study classical music with Ustad Ghulam Shabir Khan and Ustad Jafat Khan, and qawwali music with Muhammad Ali Faridi and Abdur Rahim Faridi Qawwal. He is today regarded is one of the preeminent qawwali singers of the world.

Faiz Ali Faiz and His Ensemble

Faiz Ali Faiz is one of the world's leading qawwali singers. See him live at BAM on June 13th at 8 pm.

Going Deeper

Qawwali, the ecstatic music at the heart of Sufism, has traveled the globe for centuries in the mouths, ears, hearts, minds, and, more recently, the digital players and MP3 files of the South Asian diaspora. Listen in on Faiz Ali Faiz and his Ensemble performing Dam Mast Qalandar:

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And read on to learn more about the qawwali musical tradition.