Mahnaz Fancy

Mahnaz Fancy is the Development Director for the Alliance of Civilizations Media Fund. Prior to this position, Fancy served as Executive Director of Arts of the Islamic World Virtual Museum.

Fancy did her graduate work in Comparative Literature at the University of Chicago where she concentrated on the influence of Islamic and Indian aesthetics on modern European arts. In the last six years, she has applied this knowledge to develop a career in building and marketing young arts institutions that educate a wide public through the arts. From early 2001 through late 2002, Ms. Fancy ran the IndoCenter of Art & Culture where she was responsible for developing and implementing exhibitions, public programs, educational programs as well as directing institutional fund-raising, strategic development together with marketing and PR.

Fancy has since consulted for a variety of organizations developing cultural programming and exhibitions in the areas of South Asian, Middle Eastern and Islamic arts. She has also curated exhibitions of contemporary Pakistani art in New York, advised on several major exhibitions of South Asian art, and writes and speaks as a freelance cultural critic and South Asian art expert.

Mahnaz Fancy

The arts and culture expert shares her perspective on the impact and importance of Muslim Voices.