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Asia Society Lila Acheson Wallace Auditorium
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Music | Palestine

Kamilya Jubran: The Maqam and Beyond

Thursday, Jun 11th 9:30pm
Friday, Jun 12th 9:30pm

$25, members, students with ID and seniors, $35 non-members

Kamilya Jubran infuses the ancient power of classical Arabic music with contemporary interpretation. In Arabic classical music, a maqam, like an Indian raga or Western classical musical mode, shapes the melodic development of compositions. An extraordinary vocalist, Jubran is rooted in the classical tradition of the maqam.

Singing modern poetry from Palestine, Iraq, and beyond, Jubran gave voice to a passionate and personal program at the Asia Society that explored the idea of “place” in shaping the stages of life.

For exclusive footage of Kamilya in performance, and more about this master vocalist, please see the BlueLine Web site (presented by invitation of the artist.)

Kamilya Joubran's peformance was made possible through the generous support of ArteEast ( and through a re-grant by the Ford Foundation.

Kamilya Jubran is a singer and musician, born in Israel to Palestinian parents. Elias Jubran, Kamilya's father, an instrument maker and music teacher, provided her first exposure to classical Arab music.

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Kamilya Jubran

Kamilya Jubran performs at the Asia Society as a part of the Muslim Voices Festival.

An Extraordinary Voice from Palestine

Kamilya Jubran's 2008 album Makan provided the artist with an opportunity to focus on poetry in Persian music, with the album featuring the words of poets Salman Masalha and Fadhil Al Azzawi, among others. Listen in on a sample from the track Lafz:

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And read on for more information on Jubran's style and the poetry with which she works.